U.S. Nationals Judging Information

Raytheon Invention Convention 2021 U.S. Nationals powered by The Henry Ford is being conducted as an online virtual contest and Invention Convention Worldwide is recruiting passionate volunteers to serve as online judges for the competition.

Judges will watch and review K-12 student inventions from across the country through video presentations and score those projects as per the official rubric. The students are not only inspiring and thoughtful in the problems they have solved but are eager to share their ideas and the invention process with our judges.

Judges will view the video presentations through their own professional lens as they provide scores to students’ presentations, and offer constructive and positive feedback to help our students to stay engaged in learning through doing. A one-time video training webinar will provide judges with the tools they need to participate in our judging process.

The time commitment for an online judge is as follows:

Judge registration (5 minutes):

If a prospective judge accepts the invitation to participate, via a link emailed to all invited judges. Judging will be conducted on our web-based judging platform (zFairs), and judges will access the site through a personal computer, tablet or mobile device.

Judge training via webinar (90 minutes):

Judge training webinars will be conducted and this training will be required to participate in the judging process. A judge only needs to attend one of the four live online-training webinars that will take place via Zoom on the following dates:

    • May 4th at 7 PM EST
    • May 13th at 7 PM EST
    • May 19th at 7 PM EST
    • May 30th at 11 AM EST.

If you are unable to attend one of these four webinars, you may watch a recorded session, but all judges will be asked to attend or view a webinar prior to judging inventors’ presentations.

Video judging (2+ hours):

All judges will be asked to judge a minimum of eight inventions between June 3rd and June 14th which equates to approximately 2 hours or less of a time commitment. You may choose to judge more than 8 inventions if you have more time available.

If you are interested in being a judge for the Invention Convention 2021 U.S. Nationals competition,

please contact us.


Judge Registration closes on May 19, 2021

For more information or if you have question, send us an email at inventionconventioninfo@thehenryford.org.

Thank you again for your interest in being an online video presentation judge for the Invention Convention 2021 U.S. Nationals, we truly couldn’t do it without you!