Society of Women Engineers and Invention Convention Partnership


Let’s Inspire Young Women Inventors

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and The Henry Ford’s Invention Convention Worldwide (ICW) program have joined forces to bolster their mutual passion for engaging young women in STEM, Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Invention Convention is a K-12 program that teaches young students how to look at the world around them and find problems to solve – and then use the Engineering Design Process to prototype and finalize solutions. Students showcase their inventions at “Invention Conventions” – a hierarchical competition that starts locally in schools and progresses to regional, state, national, and global finals.

Each year,  Invention Convention Worldwide, through its affiliate programs, trains more than 50,000 young women around the world how to be inventors, entrepreneurs and innovators.  Likewise, SWE last year had more than 21,000 volunteer engagements, impacting more than 190,000 students across the globe.

Together, we can do even more.

SWE and Invention Convention Worldwide have defined several easy-to-deploy programs that will help SWE Sections and ICW Affiliates meet, collaborate, and impact more young women future engineers. SWE Sections can partner with their local Invention Convention Affiliates to:

  • Celebrate Young Women Inventors: Though SWE’s SWENext “Invent Her Future” Awards Program, SWE Sections can visit, judge, and recognize the best young women inventors in their area. Typically, a commitment of several hours by judges will impact young women for life by giving them the confidence that they have achieved and excelled in their quest to solve one of the world’s pressing problems. More Info:  SWE ICW Affiliates
  • Engage Young Women Inventors: SWENext is a way to bring K-12 students into into the Society of Women Engineers with a free membership and to show them the fun and accomplishment of being an Engineer.  Through our SWE/ICW partnership, all young girl inventors will be encouraged to join SWENext! It’s up to you to engage them locally!  More Info:  SWE  ICW Affiliates
  • Mentor Young Women Inventors: Through ICW’s Invention Convention mentoring program, SWE Sections can easily outreach to local K-12 programs, by partnering with their local Invention Convention programs to send engineers into the schools to excite all young students – and be role models to the young girls in the audience. All Sections can grow their local workforce pipeline of engineers by being that spark for young women. More Info:  SWE ICW Affiliates
  • Inspire Young Women Inventors: Your SWE members can inspire these young women inventors by exhibiting and speaking at the Invention Convention events; likewise, you can impact these girls by asking them speak at your events too.  Can you think of a better speaker to have at your next Section meeting than an elementary school inventor showing off her invention? Additionally, SWE members are encouraged to volunteer at Invention Conventions as keynote speakers, Board members and judges. More Info:  SWE ICW Affiliates

Watch our webinar announcing this partnership here.

Note: This is a new program for SWE and Invention Convention. Not all SWE Sections and Invention Convention Affiliates are positioned today to fully execute this program; Invention Convention and SWE will coordinate/facilitate all requests to take part in this program, with all parties, to make this a successful engagement for all.

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