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We owe so many advances to the sparks people have. Thanks to them, our world is better and our future is brighter. But what if the spark never happens? Or gets overlooked because no one is there to nurture it? What great ideas will the world go without? What new possibilities will never come to light?

For millions of young people without the right skills or encouragement, this is the reality they face. It’s their loss and ours — a loss they should never have to experience, a loss we simply cannot afford.

Let’s be the people behind the sparks. The mentors. The encouragers. The inspirations. The guides. Let’s give every child the opportunity to realize their potential so they can aspire to be the next Rosa Parks, Thomas Edison, Lyn St. James or Dean Kamen.

Share our vision of inspiring the next generation to become a force for fueling the spirit of American innovation, invention and entrepreneurship and building an enduring can-do culture.

Help us to build an unprecedented tool for unlocking the most powerful resource on earth: the next generation.

2022 Ohio Invention League Invention Convention Annual Report – A Year in Review

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