2022 Ohio Invention League Invention Convention Program Year



Educators and program leads have received their number of invitations to the 2022 Ohio Invention Convention Preliminary competition to share with their student inventors participating in a class or program.  A  link to register students that are advancing to the 2022 Preliminary competition will be shared with educators/program leads, and the educator/program lead will then share the link with their advancing students.  If you have questions about this process, and are a family whose student is working on an invention in the classroom or program with an educator/program leader, please contact your student’s educator/program leader with questions.  You can also contact info@inventionleague.org. 

Registration is now open and will close on April 15th, 2022, for students invited to participate by their educator/program leader for the 2022 Ohio Invention Convention video submission Preliminary competition.  A link to register will only be shared by educators/program leads, or the Ohio Invention League.  The link will not be posted on this website.

2022 Competition Process

Independent Inventors:

If your school, district, classroom does not participate, we invite you to participate with the Invention League team this year through the Independent Inventor Program. 

Alumni inventors … you have invented through Invention Convention and learned the invention process!  Since you have invented in the past, you are eligible to join us as an Independent Inventor this year, regardless whether your grade level is included in your school’s participation this year or if your school participates in the program year.  Contact amy@inventionleague.org for more information. 

Independent Inventors in K-12 have until April 8th to complete a registration in the zFairs registration system to participate in the 2022 Ohio Invention Convention program and must have uploaded their video submission, with all other required information, to have their video submission and materials viewed for possible advancement to the 2022 Ohio Invention Convention Preliminary competition.  Qualifying students will be notified of their advancement, and their registration will be advanced to the 2022 Virtual Ohio Invention Convention Honda State Finals by the Ohio Invention League.

Congratulations to our 2020 Ohio Invention Convention Virtual State Competition award-earning inventors who were invited and competed in the 2021 Invention Convention Virtual US Nationals.  To watch the 2021 Invention Convention US Nationals Virtual Awards Ceremony, click HERE

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