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Inventing Their Future:
The Invention Convention program is designed to activate a FREE project-based learning curriculum through school, state and national showcase events.  Students learn:
  • To think critically by identifying problems in their world.
  • The impact of inventions in their lives.
  • To apply STEAM, invention and entrepreneurial skills building real-world solutions.

Registration is now open for the 2022-2023 Ohio Invention Convention Program Year! To register as an educator/program leader, click 2022-2023 Educator/Program Leader Registration

2023 Ohio Invention League Invention Convention Competition Information


1. Invention Convention 8-Week Pacing Guide:

Ohio Invention Convention 8-week pacing guide

2. Invention Convention 10-Week Pacing Guide:

Ohio Invention Convention 10-week pacing guide

Below are the Invention Convention Worldwide Journal/Logbook and the Ohio Invention League Journal/Logbooks. There is no requirement to use any specific journal/logbook. Choose which journal/logbook works best for your program.

The Henry Ford inHub Logbook – Customizable

2022-2023 Ohio Invention League Logbook/Journal K-3 Grade

2022-2023 Ohio Invention League Journal/Logbook – A Journey to Your Solution – 4th-12th Grade

Thank you to all of the inventors, educators, families, and judges who participated in the 2021-2022 Ohio Invention League Invention Convention Virtual program year. Inventors solved problems important to them and their everyday world with perseverance, empathy, and determination.

Want a recap of the 2021-2022 Ohio Invention League Invention Convention program year? Check out our year-in-review annual report: 2022 OILIC Annual Report

View the 2022 Ohio Invention Convention Honda State Finals awards ceremony:

Congratulations to our 2022 Honda State Finals award-earning inventors! For a list of the award recipients, click HERE 

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