March 26, 2020

The Ohio Invention League’s Invention Convention has tried to keep all of our coordinators and program leaders updated regularly and to offer assistance, where needed.  We are now opening up the Independent Inventor Program to all students whose district/school are unable to complete their program due to the COVID-19 school closures.  Below is an invitation for inventor families to register for our program, including instructions on how to do so:


Hello Inventor Families,

The Invention League team understands that many schools and districts were unable to complete the Invention Convention program before Governor Dewine’s directive, closing Ohio schools.

We are inviting you to continue your invention process with us through the Independent Inventor Program.  All inventors are welcome to register by contacting Amy Calhoun:  Please include the following in your email:

Inventor’s name

Parent(s) name(s)

Parent email address

Parent phone number

Address for mailings

School and/or district

We will assist you along the invention process as you work on your projects at home.  All of the information and materials to complete your program are contained on our website:  Your student will submit a 5-minute video, using a smartphone, etc., to be judged by our team of experienced judges.

The Invention League team looks forward to seeing what problem you solve through the Invention Convention program this program year.