Our Goals

The Goals of the Invention Convention Worldwide

Invention Convention Worldwide advances a vision of a world in which all learners have access to innovation, invention and entrepreneurial learning to gain the confidence and skills to control their own destiny.

In realizing this vision, our goals are to:

  • Increase the return on investment on STEM and Entrepreneurship by more effectively bridging these disciplines, with a stronger and more innovative collective outcome.
  • Instill problem-identification, problem-solving, entrepreneurship and creativity skills for life to inspire young people to become innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs over the course of their K-12 careers.
  • Activate STEMIE (STEM + Invention + Entrepreneurship) education through competitions, events and a flexible, project-based curriculum aligned to education standards.
  • Showcase the innovative thinkers from among hundreds of thousands of young people who compete at various levels across the U.S. and from countries around the world.