Invention Convention Worldwide introduces students to a world in which they can solve their own problems, gaining the confidence and 21st-century skills to invent their own future through hands-on, real-world, project-based learning activities and exciting events at school, state, and national levels.

Invention Convention is easy to implement, flexible enough to meet diverse student needs, adaptable to a broad range of disciplines, and accessible to virtually any young learner.

The K-12 Invention Convention program convenes a global community of educators, business leaders, parents and students through competitions, events and a flexible, project-based curriculum aligned to education standards.

To bring Invention Convention Worldwide into your classroom, contact your local affiliate at info@inventionleague.org to get started.


Our Mission

Invention Convention activates STEMIE learning (STEM + Invention + Entrepreneurship) to instill problem identification, problem solving, entrepreneurship and creativity skills for life. Our purpose is to inspire young people to become inventors and entrepreneurs over the course of their K-12 careers.

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Invention Education

Invention Education empowers young people to develop the skills and self-confidence they need to identify and solve real-world problems and to make informed choices about their future careers

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Our Curriculum

The FREE Invention Convention Worldwide Curriculum is available to all K-12 grade ranges.  The interdisciplinary and standards-based curriculum addresses every step of the invention process.

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