Ohio Invention Convention

The 2021-2022 Ohio Invention Convention Program Year is Coming!

Information about the 2021-2022 Invention Convention program year will be coming soon!  Registration for educators and students who wish to participate in the Independent Inventor Program this year will begin September 15th, 2021.  Please look for the link to be added to the website soon.  If your school, district, classroom does not participate, we invite you to participate with the Invention League team this year.  We will be holding twice-weekly office hours starting in September to help students and educators through the program.  

Alumni inventors … if you have invented with us in the past, and your school, district or classroom does not participate this year, please join us as an Independent Inventor this year.  Contact amy@inventionleague.org for more information on when the 2021-2020 program year registration begins. 

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Educators – Join the 4th Grade Fusion Movement!

We have a creativity crisis on our hands when it comes to educating our youth.  At Ohio Invention League, we are committed to being your partner in changing that paradigm to empower young minds to make changes not only in themselves but in their communities and the world at large.

As fourth grade educators we have an opportunity to fuse the creativity and inquiry of primary years with the STEM application skills learned in 5th grade+.  Learn more.

Questions?  Learn more:   info@inventionleague.org

Visit our LinkedIn page:  Invention League, and if you are an alumni inventor (have invented with Invention Convention in the past), visit our Alumni and Parents page on LinkedIn.