Problem Solving is Our Superpower

Our students are the heroes that are solving the planet's problems


At Ohio Invention League’s Invention Convention, problem solving is our superpower! Students in Grades K-12, throughout Ohio, activate their STEAMED skills & powers of curiosity, imagination, critical & creative thinking, determination, confidence & perseverance to become problem solving inventors.

We envision a day when EVERY child in Ohio has the chance to follow their natural curiosity, invent creative solutions to problems, and be inspired to achieve their highest level of personal accomplishment. Through these efforts, Ohio’s future will be brighter and its workforce more capable and productive.

The 2020-2021 program year information will be uploaded September 24th, and TEACHER/PROGRAM LEADER registration will begin. 

There will be an online webinar on September 24th, 2020, at 4:00 PM for more information about our program and the 2020-2021 program year.  Below is the link to the meeting.  Please contact for questions about the webinar.  This webinar will also be recorded and the link added to our website.

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For questions about how you can participate in this year’s Ohio Invention Convention program, please contact:  If your school or grade level does not participate, please join us through the Independent Inventor Program.  


2020 Ohio Invention Convention Virtual  Award Ceremony 3-Page Award-Earning Inventors List Below:

OIL – 2020 State Award Winners pg 1

OIL – 2020 State Award Winners pg2

OIL – 2020 State Award Winners pg3

Congratulations to all the 2020 Ohio Invention Convention finalists for following through with solving their problem, even with the challenges they were faced with in this 2019-2020 Invention Convention program year.  Below is the link to watch the 2020 Ohio Invention Convention Virtual Awards Ceremony:

Here is what some of our “Super” judges had to say about their experience in evaluating and mentoring Ohio’s amazing young innovators in the 2020 Ohio Invention Convention Virtual Competition:

I enjoyed seeing the creativity of the students and their passion for their projects.

Seeing the imagination of the students was amazing.

I really enjoy seeing the novel ideas the student inventors come up with.

It was really fun and interesting to learn about these new inventions! I loved the process and was able to give affirmative and helpful feedback.

It was great to see youth creating!


Our Ohio student Inventors have been in the news a lot lately! Catch up on some their stories.


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“All Kids Are Inventors”
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