Kid Inventor Spotlight with Ritvik & Varun

July 23, 2020

Meet the 16-year-olds looking to upgrade a classic school and work accessory, the lunchbox. Surisetti Ritvik Madhav & Varun Srinivas Harish of Singapore are the inventors of Eativo, a rechargeable lunchbox that allows users to enjoy piping hot food anytime, anywhere without the need for a microwave or a wall outlet power supply to first reheat the food before consumption.

Aaron Wartner with Invention Convention recently interviewed Ritvik and Varun as part of Invention Convention Worldwide’s ongoing series, Kid Inventor Friday.

“A problem that Ritvik, myself, and many other people face, are dietary restrictions,” explains Varun. “The canteen does not offer many vegetarian options so we have to pack our own lunches. In the morning, my mom would pack fresh, hot food, but by the time it is our lunch break, the food becomes cold and is not very enjoyable to eat.”

While researching their idea, Ritvik and Varun discovered that similar products already existed on the market. Still keen to move ahead with their invention, the 10th graders realized they would need to find a way to make their product stand out.

“We actually realized that this product already exists on a number of online platforms and we didn’t want to just invent something that had already been invented,” explains Ritvik. “We realized that these products didn’t have the ability to run without a wall outlet, which is inconvenient when you’re not near a wall outlet.”

Listening to these young inventors, it’s clear to see how aware they are of the global impact inventing can have. “We want to make the world a better place by solving simple problems. So, just the simple problem of the food not being hot, that’s a really simple thing but it’s a problem that’s faced by everybody,” explains Varun. “Invention has to start from within yourself and then hopefully it can impact millions of lives,” adds Ritvik.

Ritvik and Varun both agree that invention education is key for young people. “In today’s world, people are not just aiming to work their nine-to-five jobs, people are trying to do something that’s more innovative,” explains Varun. “And by using the Invention Convention platform to invent and create their own products that will help the world, they will be helping out to make the world a better place.”

Their advice to other young inventors: “Don’t give up just because your product is already on the market. Take on the challenge to make it even better; make it a competitor with models on the market”