Kid Inventor Friday with Jyothikaa Ramann

June 29, 2020

“Posture plays a role in every aspect of our lives,” says California 11th grader Jyothikaa Ramann, inventor of The Posture Genie.  “Posture connects to our spinal cord, which connects to our neurological system.  It’s time we take control of our posture, because that controls our mental and physical health.  I saw this as an opportunity to help people have an active life and be happier overall.  I saw this as an essential cause.”

“The Posture Genie is a smart programmable device built to track and warn when you deviate from your correct posture,” she explains.  “But far from this it has greater uses in our evolving world that combines a sensing posture and angle technology, medical aid processes and machine learning (ML) for real-time multi-posture recognition, sustained habituation in cognitive adaptation in posture, and sensor detection of negative obstacles/traumatic events like fall detection.”

Brenda Payne, Executive Director of the California Invention Convention,  recently interviewed Jyothikaa as part of Invention Convention Worldwide’s ongoing series, Kid Inventor Friday.


“The most difficult part was getting started, and to step out of my comfort zone,” Jyothikaa said.  “As my passion grew, so did my confidence, and I started implementing that toward Posture Genie.”

Jyothikaa’s idol: her mom.  “She drives me to make me better.  She gives me constructive criticism.  It really helped me grow as a person, not only about the invention.”

She also shared the how the California Invention Convention inspired her.  “Before the invention convention I was just a science fair participant.  When I started implementing more of the benefits it would be for people, I started thinking about it as an invention.  As I went through the invention process, it is different than the scientific method.  With an invention convention, we’re looking at how an invention relates to people, how it impacts them and benefits them.  The invention process has shifted my mindset to caring for people.  I’ve had this mindset in several ways — detailed oriented in some aspects, empathy oriented in others — but the invention convention really put those two together, making me a more cohesive minded person.”

Jyothikaa’s plans for the future is to become a doctor.

As for advice for other student inventors.  “Have confidence in yourself.  Once you have that confidence, you have that passion and the willpower to take you on a journey.  I would just say go for it.”