Kid Inventor Friday with Arthur Zhang

June 19, 2020

In 6th grade, Arthur Zhang’s first invention was a 3D printed portable charger that enables charging devices by using regular single-use batteries, serving as a backup for rechargeable batteries when they inevitably ran out on camping trips.

“I’ve always liked to create things,” he explains.  “What inspired me to start inventing is that when I encountered a problem in the real world, then I could create something that would solve that on my own.  Then, I could also share that with other people and have an impact on them.”

Now a rising junior In Massachusetts and a participant with the Northern New England Young Inventors’s Program , hear about his award-winning invention AWARE (AI Enabled Web of Sensors for Anticipation of Ruinous Events), an interconnected network of sensors that uses artificial intelligence to make predictions about natural disasters.


His favorite part about inventing:  “I get to learn so much.”  Every time I create an invention its always an opportunity to discover something new.  Also when I’m inventing, there’s a feeling that I can change the world with it and I can change someone else’s life or help them.  That’s one of the most motivating things I find about inventing.”

Currently, he is working on The Third Eye, a pair of wearable smart glasses to mitigate reading difficulties for dyslexic and low vision individuals in the real world by using artificial intelligence.

As to his experience with the Young Inventors’ Program and invention convention, “It has had a big impact on who I am today.  It has helped me learn a lot about problem solving.  While inventing, I run into a lot of challenges, and I have to get through them and how to persevere.  It also helps with critical thinking because you need to thing about a solution and a workaround if you run into a roadblock.  It has also made me feel a lot happier and through the process I meet a lot of great people.”