Kid Inventor Friday with Ethan Klein

June 12, 2020

As part of Kid Inventor Fridays, we recently spoke with Connecticut inventor Ethan Klein about his invention process and what is now his and his family’s company, 3DuxDesign.

Ethan is no stranger to invention, including cardboard obstacle courses for hamsters at the age of three and a cat-powered dental extractor by 7. “My sister and I used to love building with tape,” he said, “we would build huge houses with cardboard and tape.”  His first 3D printer opened the door to more complex and scalable projects.

Winning both the STEMIE and Best in Education awards at the 2018 National Invention Convention was exactly the boost of confidence he needed to forge forward with 3DuxDesign and his mission to inspire the next generation of innovators, one cardboard box at a time.

3DuxDesign is an educational modeling system that integrates STEM education with art and design,” explains Ethan.  “It includes lessons and monthly design challenges that offer a fun and engaging platform to inspire students to imagine, design and build solutions to real world problems.”

Ethan and his family took his product to marketplace, which is now for sale throughout the country, including in The Henry Ford gift shop.

Ethan’s advice to other inventors: “If you have an idea, pursue it.  When you create a product, you have to think about the future.  Is it something you’ll be able to produce yourself or do you have to outsource it, and if it you have to outsource it how will you get it made.  Also, market testing is probably one of the most important things.  You have to go out in the public and see how other people perceive the product, and if they have criticism, what is the criticism and how can you improve on it and what is the best way to solve it.  Taking criticism is one of the most important parts of entrepreneurship and innovation”

Here’s Ethan’s interview:

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