Kid Inventor Friday with Lino Marrero

April 15, 2020

For our second Kid Inventor Friday, we talked with serial inventor Lino Marrero from Texas.  Lino is a bit of a star, with appearances on Good Morning America and ABC News and interviews with The NewYorker and the Koch Foundation, among others.

Lino, now in 7th grade, started inventing three years ago, and has three different inventions to show for it.  At last year’s U.S. Nationals, his invention “The Kinetic Kickz,” earned him two lucrative prizes, the Energy Industry Innovation Award and Best Display Board.  “The Kinetic Kickz is an energy harvesting technology that you can insert in your shoe and it collects your wasted energy from walking,” Marrero explains. “It taps into the world of human kinetic energy as a clean, renewable, alternative energy source.”

We interviewed Lino about his invention process, how he draws on experts in the community to help, and even got a hint at his newest innovation, “I hope my next invention revolutionizes the health care industry, but if you want to know more you have to stay tuned,” he says.  We also heard from his mother Sharon about the role of family in supporting their young inventors.

Lino’s advice to other inventors: “Every failure you learning something, and finally when you succeed it feels amazing,” he says.  “Try, try, try…. and keep trying.”

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