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Invention Convention at a Glance

  • Each Fall, teachers register their schools with CIC which provides them access to CIC’s online curriculum, teacher training, coaching, and support.
  • In the Fall and/or Winter months, teachers present the program, which naturally highlights the NGSS science and engineering practices through the process of invention and innovation, to their students.
  • Teachers conduct “local” invention conventions at their schools or take part in district-wide conventions. Through the school’s judging process, student inventors are identified and registered to move on to participate at the Connecticut Invention Convention Annual State Final event, scheduled at the end of April/beginning of May.
  • At the Connecticut Invention Convention Annual State Final event, inventors are given the opportunity to present their inventions to their peers and industry judges for awards and recognition.
  • Some inventors move on to the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE), scheduled in late May/early June, where they compete for awards and prizes with other student inventors from across the country and globe.
  • Tune in tomorrow at Noon EST for the next episode of Kid Inventor Friday, presented by The Henry Ford. You’ll hear from serial inventor Lino Marrero, previously from Connecticut and now in Texas. His latest invention charges your phone just by walking. He’ll share some tips and tricks for kids stuck at home and how to use what you have in your house to innovate. He’s a superstar, with features on Good Morning America, ABC News, and elsewhere.  Register for the video chat here:  https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_eHUdp6t1S4Si4wqBY84oPw
  • Tune in TODAY AT NOON to hear from Connecticut's own Arianna Anderson, inventor of the Epic Mask. As part of The Henry Ford Museum's new online series, Kid Inventor Fridays, Arianna will share her forward thinking creation and what she is now doing to help out. Register now: https://bit.ly/2UU6kvq
  • “Invention Convention gives me an opportunity to show my ideas and inventions on different problems that affect me,” says Manchester 4th grader Riley Shove, “and if they affect me they may as well affect other people.” Check out Riley’s invention, Pour-O-Matic 5000. Riley is one of our contestants in the Inventor Of The Year Award.  Like, comment and share to help these inventors on their way to the top prize.
  • Save lives and keep people safe with Wyndham 6th grader Hannah Kravet’s Bodyguard Binder. Her invention uses Kevlar, grommets that attach to a three ring binder, and handles “to hold it like a shield to keep safe”. Hannah is one of our contestants for the Inventor of the Year Award. Like, comment and share to help your favorite inventor to the top prize!
  • Let’s continue to celebrate our inventors looking to solve problems that are important to them. Next up in our Inventor of the Year competition is Manchester 2nd grader June Steffenson. Her invention, Fighting Freedom, hangs in the car to stop siblings from fighting.  This may be helpful for home too!  Like, comment and share to help these inventors to the top prize.
  • “I think the Connecticut Invention Convention [CIC] has put a really good platform for young kids who want to help people,” says Rocky Hill 5th grader Anvi Bose. Her invention, Watch Em’, is a child safety device that is camouflaged as a watch. Anvi, now in her second year with CIC, is a contestant in our Inventor of the Year Award program. Like, comment and share to help Anvi win her way to the top!
  • “The Henry Ford was super fun,” says Bristol 5th grader Emily Walls.  She went on to the U.S. Nationals competition last year with her invention, Go Safety Belt.  Emily is a contestant in our Inventor of the Year competition.  Check out her video… like, comment and share to help Emily win her way to the top award.
  • 2020 Connecticut Invention Convention State Finals UPDATE. In light of the unprecedented coronavirus (COVID-19), the event will now be held entirely ONLINE. The wellbeing and safety of our inventors, parents, educators, volunteers, sponsors and partners is of paramount importance. In the coming weeks we will announce details of how the online competition will operate, and will communicate these details on our website and social media, as well as directly to our community. TEACHERS: if you have not registered your inventors yet for our event, please wait for further instructions. If you have registered your inventors, we will provide further instructions (on web, email and social to you on next steps) for our new online event. We appreciate your understanding and for your continued support of CIC.
  • “Add a little bit of sunshine with an ordinarily plain pair of crutches,” AND get comfort with Easton 7th grader Adeline Thompson’s invention, Crutch Comfort. “The Connecticut Invention Convention has inspired me to get out there and create an invention that changes people’s lives,” she says. Adeline is one of our contestants in the Inventor of the Year Award program. Like, comment and share to help these inventors toward the top prize!
  • “Invention Convention has been such an asset to our school,” says Mira Jensen, coordinator of Ridgefield’s Veterans Park Elementary School program. Our congratulations to all the participating students, not to mention to their teachers and parents.
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