Welcome, Students!

Have you ever found an interesting problem and suddenly had a brilliant idea about how to solve the problem? This is what inventors do.  They find an interesting problem and seek to create something new to solve the problem.

  • The Invention Convention program is designed to help students grades K-8th through the invention process.  The process helps students to:

    • Seek out an interesting problem. You can look for problems at school, home, the library, the soccer field or the grocery store. Think about the many industries where problems may exist:

    There are problems everywhere!

    Agriculture / Animal / Arts / Communication / Education / Energy / Environmental / Financial / Food / Healthcare / Household / Manufacturing / Organization / Safety / Sports / Transportation

    • Identify more than one solution to the problem.  The more ideas you come up with to solve the problem the better chance one of your ideas will turn out to be great!

    • Select the “best” solution and build a prototype of your invention (a model of your invention) along with other tools to help present and communication about your invention to others.

    • Journal your progress through the invention process.  Journaling helps you to keep track of what happened when you were inventing, what went well and what needed more work.  The journal is an important tool in telling the story of your invention!

    Student inventors may compete in a local, school or district level competition and some of the top inventors will be selected by their organization to advance to the Invention Convention Regional Finals. At the regional event you compete with other student inventors in your grade for the opportunity to win educational scholarships and other great prizes!

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    Teacher of Excellence Award:

    We know that The Invention Convention would not be possible without the effort and dedication of hundreds of educators each year who bring our program to Ohio students. Teachers are often overlooked and under appreciated. Thank you to all of the educators who help make this program possible!

    Every year and in every region we recognize a local educator with our Teacher of Excellence Award. The Teacher of Excellence Award can vary year-to-year, but generally includes a fantastic technology prize, classroom parties or outings, books, gifts from our wonder sponsors and more! We ask students, parents, teachers, principals, anyone to nominate an Invention Convention educator worthy of the Teacher of Excellence title. Do you know about a great educator in your life that has inspired, uplifted, motivated and led by example, in order to positively impact students?

    Follow this link to nominate your Teacher of Excellence

    One Page Invention Convention Flyer – Use this flyer to help spread the word about Invention Convention and get your school or student organization involved!

    Official Rules

    The Student Journal (required for the competition):

    Online Student Journal Click on this link for a journal you can complete online and print. (If you don’t have enough space in any of the fields, feel free to attach responses on another sheet of paper where needed.)

    (Having trouble with the Online Student Journal? Try installing the latest version of Adobe Reader DC.  Still having trouble? Write to juli@inventionconvention.org.)

    Print Student Journal Click on this link for a journal you can print and complete by hand.

    Invention Convention Regional Final Rubric

    Sometimes a lesson plan can help you get started.  Pick one of these lesson plans to work on and you’ll soon be coming up with new ideas!

    Agriculture / Art / Environmental / Healthcare / Music

    Independent Student Inventor Program – If your district or student organization is not able to participate this year you still may be able to participate through our Independent Student Inventor Program.