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Thank you parents for supporting your brilliant, creative, born inventors!

  • The Invention Convention provides free curriculum and hosts Regional Competitions throughout the state. Aligned with Ohio’s New Learning Standards, our inventive curriculum focuses on:

    1. Identifying a Problem

    2. Problem-Solving and Critical-Thinking Processes to Solve the Problem

    3. Developing the Invention Idea and Designing a Prototype of the Solution

    The Invention Convention is not a science fair, but a STEAM-feeder program designed to expose students in grades K-8 to multiple problem-solving methods, honing real-life skills that will lead to exceptional careers!

    Official Rules

    Participating Districts and Student Organizations If your district or student organization is currently involved in Invention Convention your student will receive information on their local program and competition from their teacher or district coordinator.

    Non-Participating Districts or Student Organizations If your district or student organization has not signed up to participate, please download the following One Page Invention Convention Flyer and pass it off to your superintendent, principal, gifted coordinator or student organization leader and ask them to contact us for this valuable, fun, free program today!

    If your district or student organization is not able to participate this year a student may still be able to participate – see “Independent Student Inventor Program.”

  • Teacher of Excellence Award:

    We know that The Invention Convention would not be possible without the effort and dedication of hundreds of educators each year who bring our program to Ohio students. Teachers are often overlooked and under appreciated. Thank you to all of the educators who help make this program possible!

    Every year and in every region we recognize a local educator with our Teacher of Excellence Award. The Teacher of Excellence Award can vary year-to-year, but generally includes a fantastic technology prize, classroom parties or outings, books, gifts from our wonder sponsors and more! We ask students, parents, teachers, principals, anyone to nominate an Invention Convention educator worthy of the Teacher of Excellence title. Do you know about a great educator in your life that has inspired, uplifted, motivated and led by example, in order to positively impact students?

    Follow this link to nominate your Teacher of Excellence

    The Invention Convention One Page Flyer

    Ohio’s Learning Standards

    The Student Journal (required for the competition):

    Online Student Journal Click on this link for a journal you can complete online and print. (If you don’t have enough space in any of the fields, feel free to attach responses on another sheet of paper where needed.) 

    (Having trouble with the Online Student Journal? Try installing the latest version of Adobe Reader DC.  Still having trouble? Write to juli@inventionconvention.org.)

    Print Student Journal Click on this link for a journal you can print and complete by hand.

    Official Rules

    Lesson Plans:

    Agriculture / Art / Create Your Own / Environmental / Healthcare / Music

    CLICK HERE to download all lesson plans.

  • Since 1993, Invention Convention has worked with school districts, providing a no cost, STEM aligned program focused on teaching problem solving skills to hundreds of thousands of students grades K through 8. Through a partnership with Math Plus Academy, Invention Convention is proud to offer this same program to homeschool, distance learners and other students not previously reached. The new Independent Student Inventor Program makes this program available to all K-8 inventors in the State of Ohio.   

    To be eligible, you must:

    1) Be an Ohio K-8 student.

    2) You must confirm that your school is not already participating in Invention Convention. Please inquire with your student’s principal to confirm. If they are not participating, you may want to encourage them to sign up so that more students at your student’s school can take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

    3) If your school does not choose to participate at this time, use the link below to complete the registration form for your student to participate.  Registration for the Independent Student Inventor Program must be completed by 12/31/16 in order for your student to participate.  Registrations received after 12/31/16 will be considered registrations for the 2017/18 school year.

    Click here to sign up for the 2016 – 2017 season: SIGN UP

    Official Program Rules

    Working through Math Plus Academy, Independent Student Inventors will be provided the tools they need to:

    • Identify a problem
    • Use critical-thinking to solve the problem
    • Develop an invention prototype of the solution

    Math Plus Academy will provide all Independent Student Inventors the opportunity to present and have their prototypes scored in a group setting, a personal interview or via video conference to determine who will advance to the regional finals. Regional final dates and locations are available by visiting http://inventionconvention.org/regional-finals-2/.

    At regionals, inventors have the opportunity to present their prototypes to judges and compete with other inventors in their age group for educational scholarships and prizes. More than $35,000 per year is awarded annually through the regional finals.

    Homeschool students, distant learners and other students whose district or school is not currently enrolled in Invention Convention can register for the program.

    Questions? Write to invent@mathplusacademy.com


    Math Plus Academy is proud to partner with Invention Convention to promote every child’s inner inventor.

    Math Plus Academy is on a mission to inspire kids to do great things. Since 2008, we have offered premier STEM enrichment courses serving Central Ohio students from KG – 8th grade. Programs include math enrichment, problem solving, computer programming, robotics, and chess. Math Plus Academy also offers summer camps that include Inventor’s Workshop (3D printing), Entrepreneurship, Minecraft, Video Game Design and much more.

    For more information about Math Plus Academy visit www.mathplusacademy.com or call 614-792-6284.


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