Welcome, Alumni!

The Invention Convention has been inspiring inventors since 1993, but something amazing happened during the 2013/2014 season. Our team members began receiving emails and phone calls from business leaders, medical professionals, artist, authors, teachers, and adults from many different walks of life, telling us their Invention Convention story.  It was because of this outpouring of stories and new relationships that we knew it was time to build the Invention Convention Alumni Program.

The Invention Convention Alumni Program consists of any past Invention Convention participant of any age.  Whether you have participated on a local level or were a regional finalist, we invite you to join the Invention Convention Alumni program.

As an alumni member you will have the opportunity to:

• Share your Invention Convention story

• Receive alumni news and updates

• Receive invitations to speak (and motivate) to student inventors

• Participate as judges

• And much more!