Los Beneficios de Inventar

Many CIC inventors participate in the program in their schools or outside of school programs. If your school or program does not participate, tell your teachers and Principal to check us out. Ask them to contact us for help with implementing the program.

If you cannot participate with your school/program, contact us to register for our Independent Inventor Program.

In addition, we have many homeschooled inventors in our program. Contact us if you are homeschooled and would like to invent with us.

¿Por qué debería ser un inventor?

Los Beneficios de Inventar

  • It’s your project. You guide your process and learning. You can invent something you always dreamed of making a reality.
  • Aprenderás cómo presentar un producto y mejorar tus habilidades para hablar.
  • Hacer una marca en el mundo y ser altruista. La mayoría de los inventos que vemos están hechos para facilitar las cosas o ayudar a la gente.
  • You can be creative! Invention is not only for scientists. We have seen music inventions, inventions for sports, apps, kitchen products, and much more. The program celebrates all types of inventions!
  • This is your chance to show the world what you can do. You will gain valuable skills and opportunities through CIC. Many inventors meet mentors through their process. Many inventors appear on local and national media!
  • You do not have to be an A plus student to be the best inventor. Inventors think outside of the box to solve problems for the ones they love or their communities. That requires a type of thinking they might not be measured in your school tests. Even the best inventors fail and then overcome their challenges. Invention is a safe place to fail and then overcome!

Las invenciones siempre comienzan con un problema que debe resolverse y, a veces, no es fácil encontrar una solución. Sin embargo, una vez que lo haces, los resultados pueden ser super gratificantes. Nuestros inventores se han convertido en científicos y lanzan sus propias compañías, ¡pero la parte más gratificante sigue siendo el proceso de inventar!

How Do I Create an Invention?

If you are inventing outside of a school or program, try to find a mentor to help you through your process. If you cannot find one, no worries, you can do this on your own. Invention is collaborative so although you will invent independently, you are never alone. You need to speak with many people along your journey.

To begin your invention journey, read the Invention Log. This diary will take you through the steps of the invention process. Answer the questions along the way.

Understand the rules of the program, and what is needed in order to present at one of our events. Understand the rubric, and what the judges will be evaluating you on!

How Do I Create an Invention?

¡Recuerda que la invención debe ser divertida! ¡Si pones el esfuerzo y la creatividad, podrías ver tu invención ir a las finales del estado y de la nación, ganando grandes premios en el camino!

Be sure to say thank you and give credit to all the people who helped you in the invention process (parents, teachers, your fellow students, and more!)

Invention Logs (Word)

Invention Logs (Google - coming soon!)

Virtual Convention Rules

Uso de Aplicaciones y Microcontroladores

Más de 290 Escuelas Participan Cada Año

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Convención de Invención de un Viztazo

  • Cada otoño, los maestros registran sus escuelas con el CIC, que les proporciona acceso al currículo en línea, capacitación de maestros, entrenamiento y apoyo.
  • En los meses de otoño o invierno, los maestros presentan el programa, que naturalmente resalta las prácticas de ciencia e ingeniería de NGSS a través del proceso de invención e innovación, a sus estudiantes.
  • Los maestros realizan convenciones de invención "locales" en sus escuelas o participan en convenciones de todo el distrito. A través del proceso de evaluación de la escuela, los estudiantes inventores se identifican y se registran para pasar a participar en el evento de la Final Estatal Anual de la Convención de Invención de Connecticut, programado para fines de abril / principios de mayo.
  • En el evento de la Final Estatal Anual de la Convención de Invención de Connecticut, los inventores tienen la oportunidad de presentar sus invenciones a sus colegas y jueces de la industria para recibir premios y reconocimientos.
  • Algunos inventores pasan a la Convención Nacional de Invención y la Exposición de Emprendimiento (NICEE), programada para fines de mayo o principios de junio, donde compiten por premios con otros inventores estudiantes de todo el país y todo el mundo.
  • While warmer weather is around the corner, inventor Hazel Connally’s The Buddy Blanket will keep you warm through the remainder winter, and cool in summer. The blanket has two sides that can be folded over when you go to bed so that one side is a thick and warm and the other side is thin and cool.
  • Our volunteers are the heart of our organization and the only way we can reach over 17,000 young inventors every year! With opportunities ranging from one-time events to ongoing projects, we have something for everyone. Inbox us to learn more on how you can get involved!
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  • On these cold winter days many of us are cozying up with a book. Inventor Wilsey Zahner has a solution for a hands-free experience.  The Book Board is a lap desk that holds the pages of a book open, and includes a pouch for supplies, a comfortable cushion on the bottom, and a handle to make it easy to carry.
  • Be sure to save the date for the 2021 Virtual Awards Ceremony!  We'll be showcasing some of our state's most innovative minds and the people, organizations and sponsors that make our program possible.
  • We’re honored to be recognized by @greenwichfilm as a Community Champion.  YOU can help CIC win a $10,000 grant by voting for us during the Festival’s free Community Impact Award Ceremony on February 6 at 5 PM.  To register for the free virtual event, visit
  • Easton inventor Michael Belanger wants to make saving the environment convenient with The EZ Bag, a full size, reusable, earth friendly bag that fits conveniently in any wallet or credit card holder.
  • Inspired by her dog, Daisy, who can’t go up stairs anymore, 4th-grade Colchester inventor Charlotte Bunting developed The Upsie Daisy. With a press of the button, the stairs turn into a conveyor belt so Daisy can more easily go make it to the next floor.
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RSS Noticias de la Convención Nacional de Invención
  • National Kid Inventors’ Day is January 17
    With National Kid Inventors’ Day celebrated on Sunday, January 17, students throughout the U.S. are at the forefront of developing forward-thinking inventions. In many cases, these innovations are well ahead Read More
  • Kid Inventor Fridays with Danny and Ella
    Meet serial inventor siblings Danny and Ella Mefford from Ohio. Over the past year Danny has developed three inventions, including the Quick Click, a device to help parents/guardians to install Read More
  • Kid Inventor Spotlight with Noah
    Meet Noah Hong, an 8th grader from Chicago, Illinois look to revolutionize the face mask industry with his invention The Good Breather, a personalized mask made using biometrics. Noah identified Read More
  • Kid Inventor Spotlight with Ritvik & Varun
    Meet the 16-year-olds looking to upgrade a classic school and work accessory, the lunchbox. Surisetti Ritvik Madhav & Varun Srinivas Harish of Singapore are the inventors of Eativo, a rechargeable Read More
  • Kid Inventor Friday with Jesse
    Meet 7th grader (now 8th grader) Jesse Bouchard from Maine, inventor of the Thermacup, a device that gives a visual indication of how hot the drink is inside. “Its purpose Read More
  • Invention Convention U.S. Nationals 2020 Winners
    Congratulations to the following award winners for Invention Convention U.S. National 2020:   Award Name Invention Name Inventor Name Grade City State Kindergarten 1st Get Moving Owen Thomas K Sanborn Read More
  • Kid Inventor Friday with Jyothikaa Ramann
    “Posture plays a role in every aspect of our lives,” says California 11th grader Jyothikaa Ramann, inventor of The Posture Genie.  “Posture connects to our spinal cord, which connects to Read More
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