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Invention Convention at a Glance

  • Each Fall, teachers register their schools with CIC which provides them access to CIC’s online curriculum, teacher training, coaching, and support.
  • In the Fall and/or Winter months, teachers present the program, which naturally highlights the NGSS science and engineering practices through the process of invention and innovation, to their students.
  • Teachers conduct “local” invention conventions at their schools or take part in district-wide conventions. Through the school’s judging process, student inventors are identified and registered to move on to participate at the Connecticut Invention Convention Annual State Final event, scheduled at the end of April/beginning of May.
  • At the Connecticut Invention Convention Annual State Final event, inventors are given the opportunity to present their inventions to their peers and industry judges for awards and recognition.
  • Some inventors move on to the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE), scheduled in late May/early June, where they compete for awards and prizes with other student inventors from across the country and globe.
  • We'd like to tell you what this invention does, but....shhhhh. It's hidden. #ctinventionconvention #younginventors #nicee
  • Mentorship is a big component of #CTInventionConvention. Thank you to the teachers, parents, volunteers and judges who inspire and motivate young innovators.
  • #TBT - Our 2018 judges from @dewaltstanleyblackanddecker! We are grateful that once again #StanleyBlackDecker is our Presenting Sponsor for #CTInventionConvention. We appreciate your commitment to invention, innovation, creativity, and our youth!
  • Ladies and gents, we give you the Shushinator! #CTInventionConvention
  • How awesome is this?? This is why we do it. "My name is Avery O'Connell. I am a ninth grader who has participated in the Connecticut Invention Convention for five years. Since third grade I have been chosen to represent my school at the state level five times and the national level twice. I love everything that this amazing program has to offer. As young as a third grader, the invention process taught me that failing is okay. While developing my inventions, many of my trials didn't work. I couldn't give up and had to keep trying. This helped me learn about perseverance. Last year, I was invited back to my former elementary school to be a volunteer judge for their Invention Convention. In middle school, I was able to help my administrators with the program because of my past experience. Now that I am in high school, I want to be more involved in the Connecticut program. If there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know. I can help at Gampel or the regional level. I could also be a great asset when it comes to young inventors. The presentation in my school when I was in third grade really grabbed my attention and I would love to help do the same for other kids and get them excited about the program. My knowledge could also be really helpful toward mentoring as the students create their inventions. I know that some kids often quit in frustration and I think I could help prevent that. I would love to work more with CIC representatives to become a Student Ambassador for your program. Please let me know if I can work with you to help me make this incredible program even more successful."
  • Odyssey Community School in Manchester has started their invention planning! This third grader has lots of ideas and plans written out on paper, before the building phase. The after-school #CTInventionConvention program involves students for all grades working together.
  • Toot toot, heyyyyyyy beep beep! #CTInventionConvention student inventor Olivia Cohn’s HAPPY RIDE on display now at the Connecticut Science Center.  This invention helps people who suffer from car sickness. 
Olivia, now in 5th grade, invents through the Westport Workshop Program, in Westport CT.  She presented HAPPY RIDE last year at National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo at The Henry Ford! @thehenryford @niceeinvents
  • South Windsor's elementary schools held their invention Convention this week!  Pictured:  Kat Chmielecki, a 5th grader at Eli Terry School, with her invention the Couch Collector...it collects all of the stuff that falls between your couch cushions!
  • We could all use the FFOG (Fountain Free Of Germs) during cold and flu season. Way to go, kids!!
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